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ShibSpaceX Inu ARMY

SSI Army Rules:

After Community Event suscessed, we will launch next event for warriors of ShibSpaceX Inu Army
If you want to join, kindly read all steps and do follow it.

  • Step 1 : Like + Retweet the pinned post in ShibSpaceX Inu Twitter + Tag 3 your friends
  • Step 2 : Follow ShibSpaceX TG Channel + Join ShibSpaceX TG Chat
  • Step 3 : Comment in ElonMusk/CZ Binance post with :
    —- 3.1 : Your thoughts about ShibSpaceX Inu, $SSI Funny Meme Gif/Image, $SSI to the Space soon,…
    —- 3.2 : Hashtag #ShibSpaceX $SSI #100xgem #1000xgem #memecoin 
  • Step 4 : Get your commented link and fill your Google Sheet (open access rights)
  • Step 5 : Get your Google Sheet link and fill in our form ( ) below including the attached information with the title “$SSI Army”
Note : With 1 comment/link you filled in your Google Sheet is counted as 1 point, you can comment continuously to earn more points and get Top 1, 2, 3 
At least 10 links in your Google Sheet must be reached to be recognized for participating in the random 12-slot lottery

SSI Army Reward: 

Top 1: 100$ 
Top 2: 50$ 
Top 3: 30$
12 Lottery Slot : 10 $USDT per slot
Time Start: 15:00 UTC – April 12               Time End: 15:00 UTC – April 22th
Goodluck and do your best, our ShibSpaceX Army’s warrios !
Make sure you will do all steps. Spammers and do wrong rules will be disqualified. GOOD LUCK !

Form for SSI ARMY

Google Sheets - Creating and Sharing a sheet